MB Capital is a national leading investment manager of choice for institutions, financial intermediaries and individual investors. With a broad range of core and alternative strategies, investment professionals and analyst, and the vast resources from MB Group and its subsidiaries, we offer investment experience and insight that few other firms can match.


Portfolio customization

We can help you build a customized investment portfolio with disciplined investment philosophies that are closely aligned with your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Ability to impose investment restrictions

You can specify individual companies or industries you wish to avoid investing in based on personal concerns or to prevent overlap with investments you currently hold.


You’ll always know which securities are held in your portfolio and any fees associated with the portfolio.

Professional investment team

Your portfolio is managed by MB Capital’s investment team, who has sufficient qualifications, experiences and skills in analyzing and responding immediately to any market movement. We can save investors the time required to monitor and analyze hundreds of securities on the market.


Asset Allocation

Our philosophy is based on modern portfolio theory and asset allocation. Asset allocation identifies three areas of return: asset allocation, security selection and timing. The asset allocation decision is shown to be the most important variable in market returns. We concentrate efforts on the total portfolio composition and how assets are allocated throughout the various financial sectors.

Managing Risk

We pay particular attention to managing risk in portfolios. The three main areas that we focus on are volatility, downside risk and broad exposure. We measure these on a macro level for all of our client portfolios. As we re-balance portfolios, consideration is given to how certain financial sectors will affect the overall performance of the portfolio and day-to-day volatility.

Individually Designed Portfolios

We construct a portfolio unique to your individual needs, rather than stick to a one size fits all mentality. We work with each client to build an Investment Policy Statement where your tolerance of risk, your return expectations and time frames for managing the portfolio are all conscientiously considered. We will pursue a diversified portfolio utilizing individual stocks, bonds, and cash management.