Why investing in open-ended fund?

High profitability

With flexible and diversified investment strategies in line with investors’ level of risk acceptance and profit expectation, open-ended funds help optimize the investment and bring profit higher than the short-term saving interest rate.

Diversified investment portfolio

With a small amount of investment (from VND 1 million), investors still benefit from the diversified investment portfolio.

High liquidity

Investor may redeem the fund certificates whenever needed.

Professionalism – Transparency

Open-ended funds are managed by solid experience investment experts, supervised by the State Securities Commission, the Supervisory Bank, the Audit Firm and the Fund’s Board of Representatives that is voted by investors.

MB Capital
Value Fund

Help investors optimize profits in the medium and long term

Transaction Guidelines NAV chart

MB Capital
Growth Fund

Help investors profit maximization - capital preservation

Transaction Guidelines NAV chart