MB Capital’s investment advisory services are an integral component of our overall goals driven approach to advising our clients. We seek to provide you with advice and recommendations that are consistent, competitive and in-line with your objectives. Our investment team has sufficient qualifications, experiences and skills in analyzing and responding immediately to any market movement. Our service can save investors the time required to monitor and analyze hundreds of investment opportunities on the market.

We work with every client to build an Investment Policy Statement. The Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a written plan that we create together, to help guide your long-term investment goals. A written investment policy allows you to clearly establish your investment time horizon and goals, your tolerance for risk and the prudence and diversification standards that you want the investment process to maintain. A written investment policy also allows us and you to avoid ad hoc decisions based on short-term market conditions.

Base on IPS, we provide our clients the following services:
– Establishing and managing investment portfolio;
– Selecting suitable stocks, bonds or other legal financial instruments;
– Consulting risk management policies in the investment process;
– Preparing in-depth investment report as required.