Subscription Order


    Investor may require Distribution agents directly or by phone/e-mail to provide documents, consult or answer questions regarding to MBVF.


    Investor trading for the first time must open a trading account, and then shall be informed the Account Number by Distribution agent.

    To open a trading account, investors must prepare the following documents:

    1. Local individual investors

    – Form of opening trading account

    – 01 copy of ID card/ passport (with the original for comparison)

    2. Local institutional investors

    – Form of opening trading account

    – Business registration certificate of the enterprise (notarized copy)

    – Letter of Authorization for placing trading orders (if any)

    – Decision to appoint representatives of capital contribution in the Fund

    – A valid copy of an ID card or passport of the legal representative, the representative of the of capital contribution and authorized person to place order.

    3. Foreign investors

    – Provide documents as with domestic individual and institutional investors

    – Confirmation of opening an CCA account in Vietnamese Dong, issued by State Bank of Vietnam

    – Securities trading code.

    The Form of Opening Trading Account is provided on websites of MB Capital or Distribution agents or at any Distribution locations. Investor registers to open a trading account at Distribution agents.


    Investor transfers money for buying fund certificates from a bank account under his/her name to the fund’s account at the Supervisory bank corresponding to the distribution agent where he/she executes transaction, and not authorize to a third party to transfer money instead.

    Information for bank transfer:

    Account’s Name : Quỹ Đầu tư Giá trị MB Capital

    Account’s Number:

    90191940701 – if trading at MBCapital

    90191940702 – if trading at JSI

    90191940703 – if trading at MBS

    90191940704 – if trading at VietinbankSC

    90191940708 – if trading at VDSC

    At: Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam)

    Province/City: Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City

    Content: [Investor’s Name]_[Fund certificate trading account]_Register to buy_MBVF


    Investor must complete the subscription order and send the original to the Distributor before 14:45 of Day (T-1) together with valid document to verify the completion of payment to the fund’s account (transfer note) which is in line with the subscription order.

    Total fund certificate to distribute = (Total registered amount – Subscription fee)/ NAV per 1 fund unit

    Subscription order is invalid in situations as follows:

    – To 14:45 of trading day, payment transferred to the Fund’s account at Supervisory bank is less than the registered amount, or the Fund has not received any payment.

    – Payment is made by cash or sent by a third party.

    – If the subscription order is invalid, payment will be refunded to the sending account. The wire-transfer fees will be subtracted from this refund.

    – In case the payment is higher than registered subscription amount, the difference (between the payment and the registered amount) shall be sent back to beneficial account of the Investor, written on the opening form, within seven (07) days from the trading day. Money transfer fee is paid by the Investor..


    Transaction confirmation shall be sent to investor within 03 (three) working day from trading day. This confirmation also verifies his/her ownership with the fund units purchased.