MBBOND  fund aims to bring investors attractive, stable and safe income through investing in bond and fixed income products issued in Vietnam.


The Fund aims to build a diverse portfolio of debt instruments including but not limited to assets such as: government bond; bonds guaranteed by the government; corporate bond; certificates of deposit; Deposit contract and other money market instruments.

The Fund will assess the bond market to allocate government bonds, corporate bonds, other debt instruments and cash appropriately and ensure profitability and liquidity.

The Fund will flexibly allocate assets according to market conditions and subject to the availability of investment opportunities. The Fund will invest 100% of the Fund’s assets in fixed income. The proportion of shares held by the Fund in any case shall not exceed 20% of the Fund’s total net asset.

The Fund prefers to invest in high quality corporate bonds based on a bottom-up approach called “bottom up approach”. The selection of each specific bond will be based on particularly analysis of bond issuer, bond collateral, credit history and business performance of issuer.


Besides government bonds, deposits, and other monetary instruments, the fund shall prioritize investing in corporate’s debt instruments in industries which benefit from the shift of the macro economy and government policies. The fund shall invest mainly in industries that are stable, sustainable and less affected by macroeconomic fluctuations such as energy, infrastructure, essential consumer goods.


By effective and flexible investments in companies with good core business and favorable growth prospects, MBGF expects to generate an annual return rate of more than 15%. Through MBGF, individual investors can participate in the investments in fast growing, transitional businesses and divestment opportunities from state-owned enterprises.

  • High rate of return

    The fund is operated by MB Capital which is a member of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank  and has many years of experience in investment. Therefore, it has many opportunities to access to high yield and safe bonds. It is advantageous to ensure the minimum target return of 8%/year for investor.

  •  Low risk

    MB Capital’s professional financial expert focus on finding the best bonds to invest in. In addition, the Fund diversified its portfolio across various secure fixed income products such as government bonds, corporate bonds and deposits… With the ability to mobilize capital, the Fund can invest in multiple bonds and fixed income products, thus minimize the risk compared to the investment of retail individuals.

  • High Liquidity

    Unlike term deposit which has fixed term and yields a very low interest rate if withdrawing before the maturity date, MBBOND’s units can be sold in any periodic trading date.
    Besides, investors could invest in the fund with a minimum of VND 2 million

  • Professional

    MBGF is managed by MB Capital’s investment team with sufficient qualifications, experiences and skills in analyzing and responding immediately to any market movement. Investors save time required to monitor and analyze thousands of securities on the market.