To achieve the stated objectives, MBGF shall use the value investment model and strategies, in which:
– MBGF aims to achieve high profitability through investing in fast-growing businesses, in the process of transforming, and divestment opportunities of state-owned enterprises.
– The Fund focuses on investing in businesses that expect revenue and / or profit growth to be at least 15% in the next business period.
– The Fund aims to allocate portfolios in industries benefiting from the macroeconomic shift and state policies and orientations.
– The Fund also aims to manage in a transparent and proactive manner, through the development of regularly updated basic analysis reports on the portfolio companies as well as the limited criteria system of own and the regular, proactive activities of the Investment Council.
The Fund uses a proactive rational asset allocation strategy from time to time to optimize growth opportunities and minimize risks.


Based on value investment strategy, the asset allocation by industries of the Fund shall change over time depending on the movement and opportunity appeared on the market.MBGF is projected to invest mainly in (but not limited to) the following industries with the allocation shall not exceed the investment constrains provided in this Prospectus. These industries are:-  Banking – financial services-  Food and beverages-  Material – Mining-  Infrastructure – Real estates-  Public utilities-  Energy-  Retail o Groceries-  Insurance-  Industrial goods-  Pharmaceutical-  Logistic-  Services-  Textile – Supplemental parts


By effective and flexible investments in companies with good core business and favorable growth prospects, MBGF expects to generate an annual return rate of more than 15%. Through MBGF, individual investors can participate in the investments in fast growing, transitional businesses and divestment opportunities from state-owned enterprises.

  • Medium risk

    MBGF employs growth investment models and strategies and shall proactively adjust its asset allocation over time to maximize growth opportunities and reduce risks

  • High Liquidity

    Unlike term deposit which has fixed term and yields a very low interest rate if withdrawing before the maturity date, MBGF’s units can be sold in any periodic trading date.

  • Transparency

    The Fund is closely monitored by the Board of Representatives, Supervisory Bank, Independent Auditor, and State Securities Commission of Vietnam.

  • Professional

    MBGF is managed by MB Capital’s investment team with sufficient qualifications, experiences and skills in analyzing and responding immediately to any market movement. Investors save time required to monitor and analyze thousands of securities on the market.